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Contemporary Chinese Art News 08/2011

Brush-off for official art
China, which inspires such awe on account of its industrial prowess, commands less admiration for its cultural production.

Denise Amato was a talented designer, art collector and entrepreneur but her true love was ethnic dance - Obituaries ...
Well versed in Hawaiian, Tahitian and Flamenco, Denise's dance passion was Danse Orientale and folkloric Middle Eastern dance and music. Locally, she organized events with Michael Beach of Brothers of the Baladi. Closest to her heart is the Wednesday Night Belly Dance showcase she organized and hosted with Michael Beach and Arabesque for many years. She had a beautiful dance studio built in her ...

Here to stay
Beijing (China Daily/ANN) - Australia's well-traveled ambassador is retiring but isn't going anywhere. He tells Mike Peters his plans for a consulting business - and a book about baijiu.

Top five 2011 Fall shows to watch
“Bones” is back for season seven and if you haven’t tuned in yet, there is no time like the present. The show revolves around the Jeffersonian Forensic and Science lab where, top forensic anthropologist, Temperance Brenan (nicknamed Bones) works with her team to examine possible murder victims.

The Art of Autumn
The Art of Autumn: Gallery District: Albright-Knox and The Burchfield Penney, Around Town: The Small Gallery Season, Back to School: Art in the Colleges and Universities, Art on the Move: A Quartet of Gerald Mead Collection Exhibitions, Gallery Gazetteer: A Road Map for Patrons of Small Places

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